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Former CDT student Martin Porcheron joins Swansea University

Dr Martin Porcheron

The Horizon CDT would like to congratulate Dr Martin Porcheron on his new position as a Lecturer in Computer Science at the Swansea University Computational Foundry.

Martin is from the 2013 cohort and currently a Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham in the Mixed Reality Laboratory in School of Computer Science.

Dr Porcheron’s research concentrates on human-computer interaction through a variety of approaches to empirically ground the design of technologies. His focus is on the user experience of interactive “AI” systems—from voice interfaces through to robot interfaces.

You can read more about Martin’s current and past research projects here.

Originally posted at https://cdt.horizon.ac.uk/2020/05/07/former-cdt-student-martin-porcheron-joins-swansea-university/