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Horizon CDT alumna launches consulting firm

CDT alumna and chief data scientist Dr Vanja Ljevar along with behavioural scientist Patrick Fagan has launched Kubik Intelligence, a next-generation consulting firm that blends customer data analytics with psychology insights to boost sales and loyalty. By psychologically profiling customers and implementing appropriate nudging strategies for a more tailored engagement, Kubik Intelligence helps boost clients’ sales, conversion, and loyalty.

Kubik Intelligence can intelligently extract customers’ behavioural insights by using cutting-edge data science approaches. These serve as the foundation of their psychology-based nudging strategies and resonate with customers the best to provide a competitive advantage.

Their favourite industries are FMCG, entertainment, fashion, health and telecommunication. You can see some of their latest projects here: Kubik Intelligence blog.


Alumni Case Studies details what some of our CDT alumni have been up to since finishing their PhDs.

Originally posted at https://cdt.horizon.ac.uk/2022/06/14/horizon-cdt-alumna-launches-consulting-firm/