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Study Finds Fuel Poverty in England May Be 2.5 Times Greater Than Previously Reported

Horizon CDT PhD candidate Torran Semple (2021 cohort) has lead a study that suggests that the actual number of households in fuel poverty across England could be up to 2.5 times higher than indicated by the Low Income Low Energy Efficiency (LILEE) measure.

“Given the fact all homes with an EPC rating of A-C are automatically excluded by LILEE, this raised questions for us as to whether its primary function is to measure fuel poverty or encourage energy efficiency upgrades.” -Torran Semple

Torran’s paper, An empirical critique of the low income low energy efficiency approach to measuring fuel poverty, has been published in the Journal of Energy Policy.

You can find out more about Torran’s study in the University of Nottingham Press Release.


Originally posted at https://cdt.horizon.ac.uk/2024/02/09/study-finds-fuel-poverty-in-england-may-be-2-5-times-greater-than-previously-reported/