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The Future Machine Live with Alex, Dave, Indira and Miles

We are getting ready for a live performance from Finsbury Park to witness the Autumn, in a lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in this strange and difficult year of 2020.

We decided to go ahead with the performance as music and art is being rethought, paused, going broke… It seems important to witness this time as safely and carefully as we can. This is the role of the Future Machine. The places where we live, work, exercise, breathe oxygen, meet and dream are still here, and we are still here although often here is indoors in a household (although the idea of household and home has been very much challenged in these difficult times).

So tomorrow at 2pm, we will gather, without an audience, in a secluded, semi-secret part of Finsbury Park to perform the weather, the climate, the Autumn, are hopes, dreams, visions and fears for the future.

The Future Machine will play the weather based on it’s weather sensors and the rules it has about how the weather is described, with words and music, depending on how close to the average the weather is at any time. It will also play the messages people have left for the future (recorded in the past of Autumn 2019).

Alex, Dave, Indira and Miles will play the music of the weather live, responding to how the weather changes in the park and their feeling of the weather as people in the park on an Autumn day in 2020. Sadly rain isn’t forecast as the sounds of the rain are wonderful. Gladly rain isn’t forecast as it wont be fun to play in the rain. It’s England so who knows if it will rain or not!