Horizon CDT impact grants

The Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training has invested in the six responsive impact grants for current Horizon CDT students and alumni in order to extend the potential impact of their research.

These awards are designed to support the first investigative steps of taking EPSRC-funded research carried out in the CDT and associated research groups towards commercialisation, or on to other forms of economic, societal, environmental and policy-based impact. The sub-projects have been funded from EPSRC grant reference EP/G037574/1, Ubiquitous Computing for a Digital Economy, and the associated activities will run from August 2017 through to March 2018.

Initial details of the sub-projects and the individuals who have been successful in securing the grants are listed below.

Dr Adrian Hazzard (2010 cohort)

Dr Chris Carter (2010 cohort) and Georgiana Avram (2013 cohort)

Dr Mercedes Torres Torres (2010 cohort)

Dimitri Darzentas (2012 cohort)

George Filip (2013 cohort)

Panagiotis Koutsouras (2013 cohort)

Roma Patel (2013 cohort)

Martin Porcheron (2013 cohort)

Richard Ramchurn (2015 cohort)