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What does your shopping say about you and your health?

Elizabeth Dolan, part of the CDT 2019 cohort, has focused her PhD research towards the innovative realm of diagnosing disease with shopping data.

Her commitment to this field has secured her an EPSRC Horizon CDT impact grant, which aims to increase the impact of her research through effective public engagement strategies.


What does your shopping say about you and your health?
In this film, Lizzie tries to answer this question to improve health and save lives.


Lizzie has collaborated with We The Curious Science Centre in Bristol and N/LAB to find out what the general public thinks about using shopping data for health research.

Would you like to know more?
We the Curious is hosting a free online event on Thursday 15th February
at 1:00 PM where you can ask Lizzie questions about her research and share your views.
More details can be found on We The Curious Webinar.

Quick survey
To help Lizzie find out how you feel about donating your shopping data, please fill in:
We The Curious’s simple Shopping Trolley Secrets survey


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