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elcome to this series of impact case studies we hope

will demonstrate the breadth of research that has been

carried out during the first phase of Horizon. We are also

celebrating our success in gaining another five years of follow-

on funding from the Research Councils UK so we can continue

creating impact in conjunction with our partners.

Horizon is a multidisciplinary centre for translational Digital Economy

research that balances the technical drivers in the capture and

analysis of human data with an awareness and understanding of

human and social values. Horizon follows a strongly user-centred

approach undertaking research in the wild, based on principles of

open innovation.

Horizon now encompasses more than 50 researchers spanning

Computing, Engineering, Psychology, Social Sciences, Business and

the Humanities. In addition we have engaged with a wider academic

network of 25 UK and 10 International research institutions. We

have also established a Centre for Doctoral Training that provides

structured training for future leaders in the Digital Economy, and that

will ultimately graduate over 150 PhDs.

Most importantly, we are lucky to have more than 200 organisations

involved in our research in one way or another - including industry

large and small, third and public sector organisations - and it is

through these that we expose our research to real world problems.

The following case studies will give you a taste of our successes,

and we welcome contact if you would like to become engaged.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Sue Jones

Transformation Manager, Horizon Digital Economy Research






Horizon Digital Economy Research

Impact Case Studies from Horizon Digital Economy Research

Professor Derek McAuley