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Horizon is a Research Institute at The University of Nottingham engaged in Digital Economy Research. Horizon brings together researchers from a broad range of disciplines to investigate how digital technology may enhance the way we live, work, play and travel in the future. Find out more about our work by reading our Horizon Impact Highlights brochure or by watching our short video From Human Data to Personal Experience.

Horizon News

UnBias Youth Jury: Your verdict on the internet – Festival of Social Science, 11 November 2017

Join the UnBias youth jury at the ESRC Festival of Social Science in Nottingham on the […]

Dr Ansgar Koene, RT TV Live interview, 19 September 2017

Dr Ansgar Koene, Senior Research Fellow at Horizon Digital Economy Research is interviewed on RT […]

3D Face reconstruction – Computer Scientists ‘app’ goes viral

  Computer Scientists  at the Computer Vision Laboratory, University of Nottingham have developed an app […]

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Horizon Blog Posts

Gikii 2017: Hunting for Ethical Innovation in the Adventures of Rick and Morty

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the annual Gikii workshop, this year […]

In the Conversation: “Machine gaydar: AI is reinforcing stereotypes that liberal societies are trying to get rid of”

On September 7th the Guardian published an article drawing attention to a study from Stanford […]

UnBias submissions to UK Parliamentary inquiries on “Fake News” and “Algorithms in decision-making”

Prior to the June 8th snap election there were two Commons Select Committee inquiries that […]

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