Digital Economy Network

Horizon is one of six national Digital Economy Centres, each focused on a specific area of digital innovation:


Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA), University of Bath

Improving motion capture technologies for entertainment industries and the application of this technology for the analysis of body movement to improve human performance in sport and develop prosthetics for amputees, plus creating opportunities for making savings for the NHS and MOD.

Principal Investigator: Dr Darren Cosker Centre Manager: Matthew Young Commercial Manager: Oscar De Mello



Harnessing the power of digital creativity to provide new technologies for digital games and interactive media and exploiting the space where they converge to benefit science, society, education and culture.

Principal Investigator: Professor Peter Cowling  Digital Creativity Labs Manager: Emma Brassington


DIGITAL CIVICS, Newcastle University

The design of open source digital technologies and media to realise transformational models of local government services for social care, public health, education and local democracy.

Principal Investigator: Professor Patrick Olivier


CHERISH-DE, Swansea University

Delivering digital innovations that help people relate and respond to our rapidly expanding technological world, with a focus on health and social care, resource constrained commuities, heritage and cybersecurity and cyberterrorism.

Principal Investigator: Professor Matt Jones  Centre Manager: Claire Henson


THE URBAN DYNAMICS LAB, University College London

Using data and advances in modelling to inform evidence-based policy that can address how regions can use assets to cooperate economically and help to rebalance the national economy.

Principal Investigator: Professor A Penn  Centre Manager: Carina Schneider