Products Campaign

The recent history of computing has involved ever deepening connections between the physical and the digital, initially through being able to sense physical objects, to the use of embedded computing to actuate them, and most recently through additive fabrication technologies that bring the potential to (re)make the physical from the digital.

All of these developments speak to the idea of digitally enhancing traditional 3d cosmetics pack on white backgroundproducts and ultimately of transforming them into experiences, as they become more media and service like.

Horizon’s Products Campaign  supports growth of new research to enable a fundamental transformation of the nature of products and how they are made, enabling industry to make smarter products in smarter ways.  

Targeting business sectors that traditionally revolve around different kinds of physical products, key sectors will include the world of FastMoving Consumer Goods (FMCG) – the packaged commodities including food, that pass through our lives in great volumes, and their relations to digital appliances as well as the emerging area of global food security.

Products Campaign projects

Food Design for Future Dining (FD)2

RoboClean: Human Robot Collaboration for Allergen-Aware Factory Cleaning

Industrial Co-bots Understanding Behaviour (I-CUBE)

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