Press Releases

Below is a list of Horizon Press Releases (backdated to 2009)

New study finds invisible ‘human work’ allows robots to deliver

Films that watch you – interactive technology turns the viewing experience on its head

Shaping the future of assistive robots at public event

Nottingham digital economy professor awarded engineering fellowship

Funding for project to fix the sustainable future of smart devices

Art installation project with National Gallery to highlight climate change

Study shows trust is still at heart of NHS Covid app reluctance

Virtual Oxjam creates immersive festival fun

Cobot Maker Space launched to explore the future of robots and industry

Parks count on new technology to monitor footfall

Web video audience and interaction brings UPBEAT Festival to life

New research to boost digital revolution and keep people safe online

Nottingham experts join drive to develop Trustworthy Autonomous Systems

Opportunity for 100 women to retrain in technology sector

Tightening security on the Internet of Things

Tech giants do not face enough competition – reducing consumer choice and innnovation

Computer Science Professor selected for top scientific adviser role

New report on hospital doctor numbers out-of-hours informed by innovative sat nav research

Defence against dark artefacts – the enemy within the wall

e-Genie tool could grant energy saving wishes for businesses

Computer codes make sweet music for self-playing piano

International award for student’s work to improve online privacy

Doc ‘sat nav’ project gives new direction for out-of-hours care 

A ‘guilt trip’ is the road to cooperation

Young People call on government for greater digital rights

Mobile technology on Nottingham hospital wards boosts staff time with patients 

Online emancipation: protecting users from algorithmic bias

Interactive archway offers words of wisdom for Nottingham’s Light Night

Analyze my data campaign looks at the way personal data is being used

University shares £23m in ‘Digital Britain’ 

Protecting our rights to privacy and digital dignity

Climate change: how Brits feel about ‘smart’ energy

Out of their minds: Nottingham research used in thrilling ride that adapts to riders’ brain activity

Are you sitting comfortably? The Smart Chair that will ‘read’ your mind

Getting connected in the digital world

Smart meters could cause conflict for housemates

Smart technology gives a voice to Latin American migrants

Uncovering the invisible

Doctors ‘sat nav’ project to improve patient care

Breathing new life into the yoga experience

British public favour energy system change study shows

BBC launches User Experience Research Partnership

Nottingham-Australian collaboration on environmental conservation of the future

Living the ‘Dream’

Beautiful coding

Sanitation apps wins World Bank competition

All the world’s a stage

Climate change message needs to be closer to home to hit home

An energy conscious workforce: new research looks at how to encourage staff to go green

Lecture to hear calls to ‘de-nationalise our data’

If trees could talk 

When science meets seance 

Can smart meters make us greener?x

Data power for the people

Revolutionising the traditional map

Transforming the way we live in Digital Britain