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93. Crack a smile

Worrying times. A crack has appeared in Carolan’s soundboard! It’s on the lower side of the upper bout, running from the edge of the inlay to the purfling. Instant guilt! […]

TANSEC study – call for feedback

The Tangible Security project (TANSEC) aims to offer a more secure and accessible means to control IoT devices in from outside the home. A common approach to securing end-to-end connectivity […]

New CDT Publication

Congratulations to Vanja Ljevar (2017 cohort) on her recent publication Big Changes Start With Small Talk: Twitter and Climate Change in Times of Coronavirus Pandemic featured in Frontiers. You can read […]

Empowering Consumers by Identifying Hidden Consensus

Modern manufacturing methods make it ever more feasible to personalise products – but how precisely do consumers know what they want? Of course, this varies – but in practice people […]

Move fast and break things? or is it time for more reflective approaches to innovation?

Technology is developing with overwhelming speed. Innovation in the technology sector is the source of great benefits to humanity but conversely also great harm. Through enabling technology developers and researchers […]