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Horizon is a multidisciplinary centre of excellence for Digital Economy research centred at the University of Nottingham. We work in collaboration with leading academic, commercial, public and third sector partners across a broad spectrum of subjects to deliver exciting impact which will shape the digital economy of tomorrow. Find out more about our work in our latest Impact Highlights brochure or by watching this short video 



Horizon News

Coronavirus Discourses: Communicating health threats

Linguistic evidence for effective public health messaging during the Covid-19 pandemic This report presents the […]

What Do Experts Think about the Ethics of AI?

Written by Bernd Stahl, Professor of Critical Research in Technology, School of Computer Science, University […]

Home: Zero – Making Immersive Experiences for Children and Families

Our partners, Makers of Imaginary Worlds are participating in an interactive 2 day workshop aimed […]

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Horizon Blog Posts

Congratulations to Jimiama Mafeni Mase

The Horizon CDT is proud to announce that Jimiama Mafeni Mase from our 10th cohort passed their […]

Everything in Moderation – sister project update

The use of E2E encrypted platforms in the Global South is extremely popular. WhatsApp is […]

Podcast: Christine Li reflects on Placement

Christine Li, a fourth-year Horizon CDT Phd candidate, is focusing on the design and study […]

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