Consumer Products Campaign

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) including food, toiletries and medicines are defined by their limited shelf life and hence provide an ideal meeting point for the interests of manufacturers and consumers. The consumer goods market is dominated by the need to differentiate and personalise at mass scale  with low margins for profit. There is currently great emphasis on engaging consumers through social media and the search is on for other digital channels.  

The Consumer Products campaign will work with partners to engage a variety of brands and explore integration with manufacturing processes. We will investigate the creative design and manufacturing of digitally enhanced FMCG, exploring how technologies such as virtual and augmented reality can enhance the consumer experience. We will investigate the technology innovations needed in the digital ecosystems surrounding FMCG and address how both product identity and digital footprint can be conveyed to add value, provide new experience propositions to consumers and drive responsible consumption in a circular economy.