Light Night Data Journeys Archway

Light Night Data Journeys Archway

Light Night returns to Nottingham with another evening full of light to brighten up your winter evening. See Nottingham come alive after dark to Photo 01-02-2016 02 38 19 pm
showcase a variety of cultural and arts events in the city.

Come and stand in front of the Light Night Data Journeys Archway and there will be a question to ask yourself…….step through the arch and it will learn something about you, and give you a piece of wisdom in return.

The archway will be outside Castle Sound and Vision, Maid Marion Way, on Light Night, this Friday 5th February, 6pm-9pm

You won’t be able to miss it, it’s 10 feet tall and covered with LED lights!


The archway is a collaboration between researchers Holger Schnadelbach, Stefan Rennick Egglestone, Anthony Brown, Kevin Glover and Jocelyn Spence of Horizon/MRL and artist Andrew Wilson ( It is the first outcome of a research residency by Andrew that was shared between Mixed Reality Lab and Sustrans, the national active travel charity.