Policy Impact

Horizon has contributed towards the following UK and EU Parliament inquiries and consultations informing regulation:

June 2019: Contributions towards Parliamentary Research Briefing POSTnote ‘Online Safety Education’

June 2019: Online targeting and bias in algorithmic decision making

  • A copy of our written evidence will be posted here shortly

June 2019: Consultation on the Government’s Regulatory Proposals Regarding Consumer Internet of Things (IoT) Security

January 2019: The Right to privacy (Article 8) and the Digital Revolution

October 2018: European Parliament

June 2018: Information Commissioner’s Office call for evidence ‘Age Appropriate Design Code’

May 2018: The Internet – to regulate or not?

April 2018: Impact of Social media and screen-use on young people’s health

July 2017: What are the implications of artificial intelligence? 

April 2017: Algorithms in decision-making

March 2017: Fake News

October 2016: Children and the Internet

October 2016: Role and priorities of UKRI interim chair inquiry

May 2016: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

2016: Investigatory Powers Bill: technology issues

2016: Digital Skills

December 2015: Online Platforms and the EU Digital Single Market

2014: Social Media data and real time analytics