Communicating Liability in Autonomous Vehicles

In autonomous vehicles (AVs), factors affecting performance, such as loss of control, operational limits and unforeseen circumstances mean that liability is, and will remain, a point of contention among users, manufacturers, insurers and policymakers.

Establishing better driver education and human-machine interaction is essential in aligning perceptions of risk and liability to avoid threats to safety, resources, and/or reputation.

The Communicating Liability in Autonomous Vehicles project will examine how liability is perceived and communicated between autonomous vehicle drivers and third party insurers and will aim to develop integrated and mental models that help stakeholders in their risk and responsibilities of vehicle control.

Project kick off video

Communicating Liability in Autonomous Vehicles

This TAS project is led by Elena Nichele, Horizon Digital Economy Research, University of Nottingham in collaboration with the University of Southampton, The Policy Institute at King’s College London, Johns Hopkins University, Ultraleap, the Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles and the Connected Places Catapult.