Data Tales

The Data Tales project aims to investigate the use of an open online narrative building tool ‘Curatorial’  to engage with arts and humanities focused digital archives.

Based on the Druple open source content management system, ‘Curatorial’ will:

  • Allow the linking of disparate data archives without infringing on copy-right/ownership.
  • Facilitate the creation of narratives drawing together digital archive materials in order to add meaning through story telling.
  • Allow navigation though these narratives.

This project will develop the current prototype ‘Curatorial’ system, deliver a specific instance of it focused around a physical museum and test it users to assess the value of this methods both for public engagement and as an educational tool.

The project utilises a series of open source tools to convert, publish, amend and visualise collections data. This includes the Drupal framework/CMS to manage authentication, workflow, content management and user interaction.