Design of ‘Data Dialogues’ in Media Recommenders

Recommender systems on online media platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify have been one of the flagbearers for the turn towards personal data use in media experiences. From collaborative filtering and content-based recommenders to demographic, knowledge based, context aware and social recommenders, the variety is diverse.

Whilst these systems present audiences with customised collections of media experiences reflective of their individual interests and lifestyles, they also simultaneously present a number of socio-technical challenges around their trusted use as highlighted in previous research.

This project will explore the design of an effective ‘data dialogue’ that supports improved audience understanding and agency around the collection, processing and use of personal data within the context of media recommenders.

This project runs from 1/4/2020 until 31/7/2020 and is funded by the UKRI EPSRC HDI Network+

Project Partner: BBC