Domesticating Electric Vehicle Charging (DEVeC)

Mapping the Domestic Charging Challenges.

Electric vehicles (EVs) can radically advance decarbonisation, through replacing fossil fuels, and supporting smart grids, for example creating opportunities for Demand-Side Management (DSM). DSM can allow for possibilities like using EV batteries to absorb supply peaks from the grid and reduce demand troughs and peaks. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-mediated charging and discharging is proposed for this. This requires careful consideration of what the implications of such changes are for users, and how they can be addressed to support the adoption of EVs rather than hinder it. This project will explore these implications to better inform the roll-out of EVs.

Project team:  Murray Goulden PI, Amelia Fletcher, Derek McAuley, Lewis Cameron, Tom Lodge, Sameh Zakhary

Project Partners: Ofgem and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

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Electric Vehicle home charging key findings and implications summary report

Start date: 1/10/2021 – finish 1/10/22

This project sits within Horizon’s Agile programme