DOMINOES: aDaptive human-rObot teaMINg fOr rEmote taskS

Teleoperation technology enables humans to control a remote physical system (e.g. a robot) through the mediation of a control interface.  Teleoperated robots are useful to replace manual activities, to reduce the physical load of operators and improve human safety, especially in accessing dangerous or constrained spaces. Although nuclear, space and underwater scenarios are the first applications that may come across as immediate applications for teleoperation, the technology has potential to transform manufacturing scenarios, where large scale robots can be used to manipulate complex scenarios.  The human-robot interconnection with teleoperated systems create a setting for ‘human-robot-teaming’ to redefine autonomy, combining human decision-making with robotic power and precision – especially to facilitate the operation of repetitive and dangerous tasks.

This project focuses on the analysis of human workload to design effective human-robot teaming for remote teleoperation, where the robotic system may also be equipped with adaptive behaviours (e.g. smoothly following a given trajectory based on human intentions).

Project Dates: 1 Jan 2023 – 31 October 2023

This work is funded by a UKRI Connected Everything Feasibility Study Award





Project dates: February 2023 – October 2023