Equality, Diversity and Inclusion cards

This work, funded by TAS Hub Pump Priming follows on from the development and early testing of a set of ideation cards for engaging with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, funded by EPSRC ‘Connected Everything II: Accelerating Digital Manufacturing Research Collaboration and Innovation (EP/S036113/1), with support from the Future Food Beacon and Horizon. More information on the card development can be found in this recording – a presentation delivered during at a Diversity Festival workshop, led by the University of Nottingham.

During earlier work, packs of the cards were distributed to key stakeholders and prompted a variety of conversations about how the cards could be used and further developed to support a range of contexts including development of research ideas, evaluation of research projects, development of knowledge exchange and impact in addition to support key UoN priorities, such as recruitment.  Feedback from the stakeholders has identified areas for further development of the cards as below:

  • A guide to give confidence then people can use the cards independently as they see fit.
  • A template for an example ‘game(s)’ so people can pick up the cards without feeling overwhelmed by the volume of cards and an exercise to introduce the cards can be achieved  whilst encouraging people to come up with their own way to use the cards too.
  • To make the cards accessible (through an app). This aligns with similar thinking as part of the Cardographer project associated with cards more generally.
  • To make the cards available (after potential further development)


Project dates: 1 Jan 2023 – 31 Mar 2024