Food Design for Future Dining (FD)2

Traditionally “food design” has been an area of expertise for Chefs, where raw materials are combined and cooked or processed, and in the end multiple components are assembled – combined to create a “dish”.  However, the food engineering involved in current culinary processes resembles processes taking place at universities, with extensive testing of exotic ingredients requiring control and high levels of precision. Food is also a  highly – regulated commodity where, in order to bring a food to market, regulatory requirements must be met and businesses must be able to support any claims made by reference to evidence.

Food Design for Future Dining (FD)2 aims to design and demonstrate prototypical digital foods that provide a novel physical and digital eating experience, and that are enhanced by the delivery of relevant provenance information. Working with producers, consumers, engineers and computer scientists, the project will explore the design space for digitally augmented foods, will develop and demonstrate a methodology for predicting novel food products, that by design, target elements of the interaction space, and will showcase prototype food products in an engaging food dining experience.

This project is part funded by the University of Nottingham Smart Products Beacon of Excellence.