Framework for Responsible Research & Innovation in ICT

Horizon is both a partner and part of the core network for this EPSRC project.

The project is led by Marina Jirotka from the University of Oxford (PI) and Bernd Stahl from De Montfort University (CI) and is seeking to build a researcher network focussed upon ethical issues in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) through a baseline study to understand and analyse current perceptions of ethics in ICT. This will be done by interviewing a representative cross-section of the ICT community, starting with the participants in the “The Next Decade” event.

The overall aim of the project is to:

  • develop an in-depth understanding of ICT researchers’ ethical issues and dilemmas in conducting ICT research;
  • provide of a set of recommendations and good practice to be adopted by EPSRC and the community;
  • create a self sustaining ‘ICT Observatory’ serving as a community portal and providing access to all outputs of the project.

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