Intergenerational Interpretation of the Internet of Things

family_treeOur parents see computers as connected to the Internet; our children will see their lives filled with internet enabled objects. This process represents the growth of the Internet-of-Things and it is certain that, whatever your view on the pace at which this is happening, more and more data will be generated and communicated by devices around you as time passes.

In the “Intergenerational Interpretation of the Internet of Things” project, we are exploring how people of different generations will interpret this data. Using the cutting edge visions of IoT that are currently being generated, we will generate a number of conceptual designs, embedded in fictional scenarios of use. We are developing these scenarios in four areas of particular interest: Energy monitoring, grocery shopping, physical gaming and sharing experiences. The scenarios will form a basis for identifying future research challenges and ideas, and will also be used to explore how people respond to situations made possible by technologies that could become a reality in the near future. These may include being able to see how and when each electrical appliance in a house is used, or setting challenges for family members based around common household tasks such as cleaning or cooking.

We will be running a workshop that will present research findings and related opportunities, drawing together stakeholders from academia, industry, public bodies and others interested in how data generated by internet-enabled objects is perceived and understood by different sections of our society.

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