Lighting the way to a healthy nation

Lighting the way to a healthy nation will investigate applying new light sources and detectors operating at far-red wavelengths (the so-called golden window), in combination with novel computation technologies, to enable non-invasive 3D imaging and treatment from outside the body – targeting the replacement of current imaging technologies.

Objectives of this project:

To develop robust, affordable tuneable CW and pulsed fibre lasers that operate within the 1500-3000 nm region (golden region).

To develop highly efficient detectors and detector arrays that function in the “golden window” of 1500-3000 nm regime (window where the human body will be optically transparent and hence imaged).

To develop deep penetrating label-free imaging approaches for cancer and musculoskeletal diseases including obesity.

To develop novel computation optics approaches for image generation and reconstruction at depth.

To develop a suite of signal processing and machine learning algorithms.

To continuously evaluate and validate our new technologies on clinically relevant models to expedite clinical translation and allow strong interdisciplinary links to be built.

Introduce ethical translation through partnership and user engagement.