MeMa 3.0

Reminiscence and sharing facilitates social connectedness, which can be supported through digital technology and media. The pandemic has heightened the use of digital technology due to the separation of those isolated at home, or in care and hospital settings. Horizon’s Memory Machine is a prototype device, informed by previous design and testing with potential users impacted by memory loss. This third iteration of work will deploy a custom-built physical repository for digital memories in settings where it must be accessible to multiple users experiencing cognitive decline, along with care workers and family members, while preserving data protection and privacy of personal content.  

Blogs:  The Memory Machine (MeMa 3.0) visits care homes, Working with the MeMa 3.0 project,

Start date: March 2022 – Feb 2023

Outputs: Designing Interactive Systems conference Paper 2023: “It’s not just for the Past but it’s for the Here and Now: Gift-Giver Perspectives on the Memory Machine to Gift Digital Memories”

Memory Machine (MeMa) 1.0

Memory Machine (MeMa) 2.0