Open Data

Master Class 1Horizon Digital Economy Research at the University of Nottingham in partnership with several research universities/institutions, and the business sector (ESRI UK, Ordnance Survey, Talis and ITO World) continues to conduct a series of free one-day Open Data Master Classes across the UK. This series which featured in the Guardian’s Data Blog has been attended by over 800 people across all sectors of society including academics, communities, grassroots organizations, NGOs, civil servants, professionals and the general public who benefited from a greater understanding of the opportunities around Open Data.

Master Class 3The Open Data Master Class series combined theory and practicals with guest lectures from prominent members in the field from government, academia and business. The series provided participants the opportunity to use and harness open datasets from various government departments and public sector organizations including Transport and Environment – and in doing so, participants learned a range of techniques from data processing and data analysis to interpretation and map visualization.