Sentiment Art

Data is collated from many sources in the 21st century. From our online life to our purchasing habits. It is a commodity. Everyone wants a bit of you. To
create art within this field empowers the individual. aestheticodes 2

We are not just our minds we are our bodies. We create spaces of reality through our heritage of ideas. We are connected through our senses, emotions, sexuality, spirituality our bodies and the planet we live on. We are part and absorbed by the way we inhabit space.

This project has collected Electro Dermal Activity (EDA) data while participants are interviewed. The interview participants are from all over England and Wales. A computer scientist in need of asylum as he was an instigator in the Middle East uprising. Rape and gunshot survivors. MP’s and those wanting to be elected. Those forming groups to fight for our civil liberties. Academics, Philosophers, Musicians, New Age Travellers, Vicars, Transsexuals, and the oldest fire walker in the whole of Shropshire. Just to identify a few. Is this how they identify themselves… No…. Because I asked the question – how do you identify yourself? This is how they stand out to me and maybe to you. In the street you see black or white, rich, poor, man, women. Maybe you don’t see them at all.

The data is nowaestheticodes 1 being developed into a wearable device so the end user can feel the strangers once they empathise with what is being said.

Humans need spiritual spaces and thinking places; alternative realities, quirks of nature to create glitches in self absorbed projects. The everyday illusion of meaning in narrative we all have life spaces not life stories. We inhabit overlapping spaces of empathy altruism and vulnerability.

The final installation will use the data to create a sound installation run by the end users body responses, with a wearable feedback system.