Smart Buildings

Smart BuildingsThe Centre for Smart Infrastructure, funded by EPSRC, TSB and industrial partners, brings together research groups with a focus on innovative use of emerging sensor technologies in manufacturing, construction and infrastructure.  Construction and infrastructure is the largest employer in the UK, with a turnover of more than £100B contributing more than 10% of GDP and a significant proportion of greenhouse emissions.  The intent of the Centre is to develop and commercialise emerging technologies that will radically change infrastructure construction and management, leading to considerable efficiencies and economies.  For more information see the IKC’s own website at 

The Centre has many partners coming from all sides of the construction

industry: architects, builders, designers, national infrastructure, technology providers, and sensor developers.  As a partner within the Centre, Horizon brings a digital economy lens to the area. Specifically, Horizon’s interest is in the systems that will archive and curate the myriad types of data stream that different sensors will generate.