Trust Me? (I’m an Autonomous Machine)

There exists a significant gap between expert and public understandings of autonomous systems, which may be consequential to their acceptability and adoption in everyday life.

Mutually intelligible understandings of autonomous systems, what they seek to achieve, the risks associated with them, and how such risks might be mitigated are needed to shape the development of Trusted Autonomous Systems.

This project supports an interdisciplinary design-led approach to engage technical communities and the public in the constructive and co-created explanations of socio-technical narratives relating to the trustworthiness of autonomous systems.

Trust Me? (I’m an Autonomous Machine)

Start date April 2021 – April 2022

Project team: Andy Crabtree, Derek McAuley, Paul Coulton, Joseph Lindley, David Philip Green, Franziska Pilling, Tom Lodge, Glenn McGarry, Louise Mullagh.

This project is funded by the EPSRC TAS Hub Pump Priming Programme