Trustworthy Autonomous Systems: Better Governance By Design

This programme, funded by the EPSRC, will tackle the issue of trusting autonomous systems by building experience of regulatory structure and practice, notions of cause, responsibility and liability and tools to creative evidence of trustworthiness into modern development practice.

Research activity will be aimed at achieving the following impacts:

  • Influence on legal thinking and policy making – providing evidence-based case studies to inform and support discussions in policy forums
  • Influence on trustworthy autonomous systems developers – through working with external partners in support of shortening the certification lifecycle of a typical autonomous system
  • Influence on trustworthy autonomous systems regulators – providing framework level guidance, a detailed modelling framework and extended engagement with regulators
  • Influence on the public perception of autonomous systems – promoting a better understanding of autonomous systems through design ethnographic analysis and a multi-faceted engagement programme
  • Influence on future leaders – providing a series of community building workshops that sustain beyond this programme

The multi-disciplinary team involves the following universities: Edinburgh, Nottingham, Heriot-Watt, Glasgow, KCL & Sussex, along with external stakeholders from a broad range of organisations/corporation & institutions developing and deploying autonomous systems.

Start date 1 Nov 2020 – 20 April 2024

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