East Midlands Cyber Security Forum

Horizon Digital Economy Research and the University of Nottingham facilitated an event on the 6th of June around the IoT and cloud security as part of the East Midlands Cyber […]

C-tech: Creating the Energy for Change – Final Report

  The C-tech final reportĀ is the culmination of a large multidisciplinary programme of research that explored interactive shared energy feedback and building user engagement in the workplace. Distinct streams of […]

Nenescape: Artcodes along the Nene – Ice Age to Digital Age project update

  An update on the Artcodes along the Nene – Ice Age to Digital Age project, part of the Nenescape Landscape Partnership Scheme can be found in theĀ Nenescape newsletter June […]

Algorithmic Bias – Addressing Growing Concerns, Ansgar Koene

  An article ‘Algorithmic Bias – Addressing Growing Concerns’ by Dr Ansgar Koene, Horizon Digital Economy Research, explains the aims of an IEEE Standards Project ‘Algorithmic Bias Considerations’. The article […]

6 Internships available at Horizon Digital Economy Research, University of Nottingham

Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute has 6 internships available at The University of Nottingham. Four of the internships are funded for 15 weeks and the remaining 2 for up to […]

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