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Online safety education for young people In production: to contribute please email Dugald Hepburn Children’s use of the internet has significantly increased over the past decade and they are also increasingly likely […]

“Unlocking digital Competition” with Professor Jason Furman

Professor Jason Furman presenting ‘Unlocking digital Competition’ – Is competition in the digital economy desirable? Does it currently exist? Is it possible? Is there anything policy can do?  (3:30 into […]

HOR-INTERN-2019-01: Designing a Memory Machine

To apply, please complete the Internships Application Form. Closing date Applications must be made before the 1st of July 2019 and are assessed on an ongoing basis. Proposed dates The […]

Resilience and the Future Machine: An Interdisciplinary Workshop

Rachel Jacobs – Artist and Associate Researcher at the Mixed Reality Laboratory, University of Nottingham – is organising a workshop with Spencer Jordan in Arts and Humanities, bringing together his […]

ReEnTrust call for participants to join workshops on Trust and the Internet

How does trust effect your experience of the Internet? Do you regularly use the Internet to search for information, make bookings, or buy products? Are you aged 16-25 years old? […]