AlbinoMosquito Productions

Richard is an artist and film director with an interest in Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction. He told us My journey with Horizon has not only enabled my exploration of non-conscious interaction within artistic contexts it has given opportunity to cross pollinate scientific and artistic methods which have given way to new directions in my work  

In addition to being the Director of AlbinoMosquito Productions, Richard is also an Artist in Residence with the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub (TAS Huband is exploring AI collaborative artworks. 

Richards research explores Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology’s potential in interactive media. He began his studies taking up a TalentLab residency programme at the Mixed Reality Lab (MRL), during which he wrote, directed and developed an interactive brain-controlled film called ‘The Disadvantages of Time Travel’. The film premiered at FACT in Liverpool in July 2015, won Best Art Paper at CHI in 2016. Richard went on to write/direct a second interactive movie ‘The Momentwhich toured internationally with the support of Horizons Media Campaign and successfully attained his PhD on the way. Currently leading Horizon’s Adaptive Interactive Movies  (AiM) project, Richard worked with the Cobot Maker Space (using Spot, a Boston Dynamics Boston robotic dog) to produce a third film ‘Before We Disappear’, in support of further exploring new ways to deliver interactive films, applying computer vision and machine learning techniques to everyday, readily available technologies, such as front facing cameras