Active Ingredient

Active Ingredient have worked with Horizon since 2010 on the project A Conversation Betweeen Trees, collaborating on this high profile international project to support the development of an online database and two mobile sensors picking up live environmental data (including temperature, humidity, decibels and carbon dioxide) from forests in the UK and Brazil.  The result of this project was an artwork that toured 3 forests in the UK, 5 artists residencies in the UK and Brazil between 2010-2011 and 28 public workshops with communities, schools and students.  The project featured in Wired Online, more information can be found on

“Working with Horizon gave us access to expertise and research that focused on the infrastructure required to enable such a complex project across two remote locations. Active Ingredient prefer to work in collaboration with researchers and scientists as opposed to just handing over a brief and this was made possible by the high level of experience and understanding of the researchers involved.” 

Rachel Jacobs – Director, Active Ingredient.

Following the success of ‘A Conversation Between Trees’, a new project and collaboration is now underway called ‘Relate’ for 2012. This project looks at building a platform to enable artists and remote communities to develop exchanges of data from different locations, focusing on the themes of energy and climate change.  This new project provides an exciting opportunity for an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers at Horizon and Exeter University, the artist team at Active Ingredient and in Brazil and Climate Scientists from the Hadley Centre, UK MET Office.