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An exploration of MeMa 2.0

Following from the last MeMa 2.0 blog update, the team have been working to deploy a working MeMa system into the homes of participants. This involved the development of a mobile application which can be used with Android tablets. After the development stage, work began to create an instruction manual. This explains how to interact with the interface and highlights key features such as how to add, create, and view memories. In addition to providing technical help, the manual provides space for participants to note any reflections they have when using their MeMa and provides further information on tasks for upcoming workshops they will participate in.


Exploration of MeMa 2.0 in workshops

To date, three workshops have been held to address privacy and security, gifting and timelines, and usability. All three workshops were completed with older adults, which is one of the targeted user groups. Participants presented saved memories from their MeMa and discussed the rationale for selecting the memory, and what media they had used to illustrate it.

The activities that participants were asked to complete prior to workshops varied depending on the theme. As an example, the third workshop on gifting and timelines, asked participants to create a gift using their MeMa. This included thinking about the timeline of the memory they were representing, and to consider what else was happening in the world around that time. Within the workshop, each participant would present their gift and explain what the memory is, what media they had chosen, and who they would gift this to.

Aside from exploring the themes, wider discussions in the workshops focussed on the idea of secret memories, legacy, and social norms from the past. Participants also highlighted their experiences of interacting with the system and discussed usability opportunities as well as challenges with the current design.

Next steps

Following on from the first round of workshops, participants will take part in a subsequent interview which focusses on wellbeing aspects of memories and how this may or may not relate to MeMa. In the upcoming months we will be focussing on further workshops with family groups and assisted users. The overall aim of the workshops and interviews is to gain insight and understanding of contextualising personal memories to create personalised digital souvenirs, digital repositories for the end-of-life, engaging tools for personal reflection, history education, reminiscence interventions for dementia care, and tools for accessing cultural heritage.

Written by Rebecca Gibson

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