B3 Media TalentLab Showcase event

On the 28th of March on a muggy night in London at the Picturehouse Central, 9 artists who specialise in storytelling gathered to share their latest projects. These artists were brought together by B3 Media, an award winning network that makes connections between Britain’s multi-cultural communities and the UKs creative industries. To describe these artist as diverse is an understatement though, they are working across a vast range of creative digital technologies. From film to VR to augmented reality to brain controlled narratives. The University of Nottingham’s Mixed Reality Lab is working with several of these artists to develop their cutting edge film and cross platform projects. However, it is in the stories themselves that sets these artists apart, they may come from the fringe but they have the honesty and integrity that is so often lacking in the mainstream media. From confronting hypocrisy in televangelism, historic LGBT movements, the reality of teenagers lived experience, African Diasporas’ future in technology, to the multiple realities of the immigrant experience, and the future of surveillance capitalism. B3 Media should be applauded for supporting artists who have the integrity to tell stories outside the mainstream. The future is not a pepsi commercial.

More information on TalentLab can be found here