Funding Calls

Call for Proposals for DEAS NetworkPlus Covid-19 Charity/Voluntary Sector Projects

The DEAS network+ is inviting small proposals for DEAS based research addressing challenges related to Covid-19 with the potential for rapid impact in the charity and voluntary sector. Some suggested areas of relevance include, but are not limited to: mental health, domestic violence, social care, and wellbeing. We are aiming to fund a number of small proposals up to £5k (FEC) lasting 6 months or less and starting as soon as practical. The proposal should clearly reflect DEAS principles of using data to improve charitable outcomes for their beneficiaries.

Proposals should be innovative, distinctive and capable of demonstrating impact in the short to medium term. We consider that it would be advantageous to have a charity involved in the proposal but this is not necessary. The EPSRC prosperity outcomes that are relevant include: Healthy Nation, Productive Nation and Connected Nation.

  • Closing date: 19th June 2020

  • Notification to applicants: 3rd July 2020

  • Projects started between: 1st August – 1st September 2020

  • Projects completed: 31st January 2021 – 1st March 2021

Call for proposals and application details at: