Camera monitoring significantly improves safety of HGV driving

Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) are at the forefront of trade and commerce in the United Kingdom. Both private and public sectors rely on HGVs road transport for the delivery of goods and services. Jimiama Mosima Mafeni Mase, a student in the 2018 cohort at Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training has been investigating data fusion and mining techniques for analysing and merging different HVG driving data, such as telematics, images and expert knowledge.

“As drivers are made aware of their monitoring especially with the use of cameras, they become conscious and improve their driving behaviours. With the affordability of in-vehicle cameras, the government can enforce policies that enables all HGV companies to install cameras in their vehicles for safety purposes. We are aware of the privacy concerns with collecting and storing videos of drivers, however, experts in data privacy can guide decision makers on how to efficiently implement such policies. In addition, decision makers can provide incentives to encourage frequent coaching of HGV drivers using the videos collected during monitoring as educating drivers has shown to significantly improve their driving styles”.

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