Connecting Human-AI Interaction Researchers (CHAIR) – workshop

Horizon TAP, Helena Webb and Research Fellow, Anna-Maria Piskopani are supporting the organisation of an interdisciplinary workshop on Human/Artificial Intelligence interaction, being led by the School of Humanities Philosophy Department, University of Nottingham.

The aim of the CHAIR workshop (funded by a Collaborative Research and Knowledge Exchange Seed Cord Award), is to network and create an infrastructure to kick-start new partnerships and research collaborations between different disciplines working in the field of Human/AI Interaction.

The workshop combines perspectives from different research areas focusing on Human/AI interaction, in particular the areas of emotion and empathy, security, vulnerability, trust and responsibility relating to AI systems.

Keynote speakers:

Dr Anna Chatzimichali, Associate Professor, University of Bath

Professor Praminda Caleb-Solly, Professor of Embodied Intelligence, Computer Science, University of Nottingham

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