Conversations on Crisis, Covid-19 and climate change

Join Dr Rachel Jacobs (artist, researcher, creator of the Future Machine) and Rose Levinson at 6pm today who will be considering some of the following questions…

  • How does the Covid 19 outbreak relate to our abuse of the environment and to larger issues  around climate change?
  • Can we expect the pandemic to lead to any permanent, positive changes in how we relate to our environment?
  • What is best case scenario/worst case for how Covid 19 will unfold, both in terms of the pandemic itself and in terms of climate?
  • How much should we be pushing now for new climate related regulations? Should we ‘back off’ and focus only on Covid 19?
  • Can we maintain some of the positives, like no new runway at Heathrow, fewer cars etc..?

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  • Time: Apr 16, 2020 06:00 PM GMT
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