Experiential and Digital Diversification: Nottingham

Researchers from the University of Nottingham are leading the Experiential and Digital Diversification: Nottingham (LEADD:NG) project which aims to provide SME’s with a range of digital products and experiences using immersive technologies and techniques that will allow them to maximise potential and profit in a post-pandemic.

Professor Helen Kennedy, Professor of Creative and Cultural Industries is leading the project. “The cultural and creative industries have experienced some of the most extreme impacts from the restrictions imposed in response to the COVID19 pandemic. Even when we emerge from lockdown they could still face restrictions and the recent announcements of cuts to the sector will only add to the difficulties they face. This project will bring together academic research and technical expertise from across the university to deliver a programme of significant knowledge mobilisation and innovation in support of the local creative and cultural industries to help them thrive.”

Leading on development of digital innovations, Professor Steve Benford said “The pandemic has really accelerated the use and acceptance of digital technology in the cultural space, we have all streamed live events, zoomed with friends or taken part in an activity virtually this past year. We want to take this further and develop this digital appetite to benefit SME’s who are looking for innovative ways to boost their product or performance. We will be listening to what SME’s and our partners tell us they would like and working to deliver technology to meet their needs.”

The project kicks off with an online development event on the 25th March which is open to SME’s in Nottingham.

Link to UoN Press Release