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Future Festivals extension

A key focus for Horizon has been supporting the creative industries in delivering impact into the digital economy. This became of paramount importance as Covid 19 hit the world in 2020, resulting in catastrophic disruption to our cultural fabric, local economies and those working in creative industries.  To address the challenges faced by the creative sector at that time, we amended the schedule delivery of our Campaigns and introduced the Co-Production campaign earlier than intended.

Future Festivals is one of Horizon’s Co-Production campaign projects and has supported delivering a number of hybrid festivals, including Voxjam and UPBEAT during 2021, releasing ‘Bubbles‘ a platform exploring the idea of staging festivals in online virtual environments, sharing 3D worlds in which performers and audiences gather together.

Findings about the benefits, drawbacks, and general impacts of taking folk clubs on line are published in our paper “Producing Liveness: The Trials of Moving Folk Clubs Online During the Global Pandemic”.

We are delighted to announce that Future Festivals has been extended to run until May 2023. This will enable the team to consider the potential for further exploration into hybrid experiences and source funding opportunities.

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