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HOME:Zero mid-point

The concept of HOME:Zero was to co-design, produce narrative and build an installation, using paintings from the National Gallery collection to kick start conversations to support children’s understanding on the important issue of climate change.  You can find more details in our introduction blog

The project is an ambitious idea and involves dynamic and diverse partners – Makers of Imaginary Worlds, Lakeside Arts, Sam Redway, Horizon Digital Economy Research, the Mixed Reality Lab and a co-design team made up of families and children.

Thus far, we have been busy touring the HOME:Zero installation and are currently at Mansfield Museum as part of the Festival of Science and Curiosity.  In addition, on the 15th of February, children aged 7 upwards can join workshops led by the Cobot Maker Space, a robotics research facility at the University of Nottingham, and parents will have the opportunity to talk to the hoRRIzon 2.0 project team about responsible research and innovation.


Although a relatively short project, we have successfully worked with 11 families with children aged 6-10 across Nottinghamshire. They took part in 6 workshops and assisted with testing the HOME:Zero installation prior to taking it out on tour. Workshops included creative play focussed on sustainability and through this co-design approach, we were able to ensure that the installation was relevant and appropriate to our target audience (children and families). In addition, the story which supported the overall experience of the installation was influenced by the rich imaginations and clear desire for a more sustainable future of our co-design team.

Feedback from audiences engaging with HOME:Zero demonstrate that art installations can influence understanding and change, with 91% of adults indicating it had raised their awareness of climate change issues.  Seventy four percent felt they had gained ideas about how to address climate change at home and 89% that it had helped children understand ‘sustainability’. We are particularly pleased that 66% of children and 68% of adults had not previously experienced an art installation like HOME:Zero and a huge 93.7% of children rated their enjoying as ‘fantastic/really good’.

It was awesome! I feel like it’s a better world” twin brothers and members of the co-design team told us!

One parent on the Co-design team feedback My son and I really enjoyed participating in the HOME:Zero project. We didn’t know quite what to expect, but it was extremely enjoyable, fun and informative, and run by a fantastic team. It was amazing to see and hear the ideas of all those involved and how these were brought together to create the final installation which is amazing.”





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