Horizon CDT Studentships for 2018

The technologies of digital identity and personal data raise some of the most profound technical and social challenges facing our digital society today. Our digital identities will define the interfaces to the future services that we will use for entertainment, wellbeing, government, transport, energy, retail and finance – indeed for every aspect of our lives. They will be constructed from our personal data, digital records that capture who we are and the histories of our digital, and increasingly our physical and social, interactions.  We are at an exciting moment in time where there are a vast range of opportunities for research in personal data. The Horizon CDT offers you the opportunity to shape the future by recognising a growing public awareness of the value of personal data, the exciting opportunities that this presents and addressing concerns over how data are being created, analysed and used.

The Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training is now advertising PhD Studentships to start in September 2018.

Closing date: 23rd February 2018