Interested in an Internship – we are now recruiting!

We have 4 internships available – each being funded for 12 weeks and aimed at undergraduate students and current postgraduate students.

Internships are based at the following venues: Nottingham, Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge

Postgraduate students from The University of Nottingham are able to apply, on the understanding they suspend their stipend this is due to the nature of the funding source, for International students a Visa has to be in place already and to cover the duration of the internship to be eligible.

Please access the links below for more details and information on how to apply.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation and the uncertainty concerning government restrictions that might be in place at the time of the internship, these may need to involve remote working from home, and some details of the project may need to change to accommodate this.

HOR-INTERN-2020-01-Securing the Smart Home: The Game

HOR-INTERN-2020-03: Detecting and blocking undesired third party connections from IoT devices

HOR-INTERN-2020-04: Machine learning stack running in container on Raspberry Pi 4

HOR-INTERN-2020-05: Traffic scheduling in home IoT networks using deep reinforcement learning

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