PhD Studentships – Apply Now

We are recruiting students onto our 4 year PhD to join our Centre for Doctoral Training in September researching the challenges of digital identity and personal data in the 21st […]

Enhancing Self-Reflection with Wearable Sensors – Workshop

Extended deadline for 2 – 4 page paper submissions! Are you interested in Self-reflection Methods, Sensor technology and research in the wild? Would you like to explore ways of amalgamating […]

Horizon host workshop at Ubicomp 2014

HomeSys 2014: Call for Participation Research Fellow Tim Coughlan and Transitional Fellow Richard Mortier from Horizon along with colleagues from Newcastle and Lougborough, will host a one day workshop called […]

Dutch student sells his data for €350 but at what price privacy?

A dutch student has taken the bold decision to sell all his data at auction. It’s a decision that should make us think about the future of our own information. […]

Smart technology gives a voice to Latin American migrants

More than 180,000 Latin Americans are living in the UK today. They contribute economically and culturally to the shaping of British society — yet remain unrecognised officially as an ethnic […]