Online Moderation – Call for participants

Horizon’s ‘Everything in Moderation‘ project is investigating how the emergence of end-to-end encrypted platforms and services impacts the practice of moderation (whether human, machine, or hybrid): Everything in Moderation? Trends and Challenges for online communities from public forums to end-to-end encrypted communication.  This research is in partnership with the Internet Society and will run for a year until the end of April 2023. 


We are interested in hearing about the current attitudes and practices in moderation, from people who are actively involved in (public or private) online communities. We are looking to interview people who have experience of a range of online moderation techniques – from self-moderation practices and community guidelines to technology-mediated practices such as automatic removal or muting of posts. We are especially interested in understanding attitudes towards end-to-end encryption as it relates to moderation, however it is not necessary to have experience of this.  


We would like to invite anyone who is actively involved in an online community and takes on a role in monitoring and assessing user behaviour and content in that community, to take part in an online interview with one of our researchers. The interview will take around 1 hour (or however long you wish) and we are able to reimburse you for your time with the offer of a £15 Amazon Voucher.  


In addition, we are also seeking to engage longer term with a variety of online communities as the project progresses. If you think you or your group would be interested in this, please get in touch. 


If you are interested in getting involved and/or would like more information, please contact Dr Liz Dowthwaite