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Open Data Round Up: 19/08/13

It’s been another busy week in the world of open data and privacy this week with lots of debate about how far people should expect their information to be private and further opportunities for both consumers and innovators to get involved in open data research: 

  • The Open Data Institute and Nesta are hosting an information event on the 28th August for people interested in their Open Data Challenge Programme (formerly known as the Immersion Programme). Upcoming themes include crime and justice, energy and the environment, and midata. 
  • The midata Innovation Lab is seeking volunteers to donate their data and work with the companies already involved with the midata programme.
  • Duncan Edwards of the Institute for Development Studies wrote an interesting piece on Open Data and research impact for the OKCon blog
  • Horizon‘s Dr James Goulding has written for The Conversation on Google, privacy and being stalked by wi-fi enabled bins. 

So what do you think? Is it reasonable to expect less privacy in an increasingly digital world or are companies like Google damaging the future of programmes like midata by misusing people’s personal data?